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Billing POS
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 SunSoft Point of Sale Basic Package


  •  Networking for Multi Users

  •  Invoicing/Work Order Processing

  •  Multiple Payment tenders accepted

  •  Quote Entry with Auto Invoice Feature

  •  Shop Management Reporting

  •  Invoice/Work Order History (recall & printing)

  •  Customer Backorder Processing

  •  Serial Number Tracking (received & sold)

  •  Warranty Processing (billed & not billed)

  •  One Step End of Day Close

  •  Method of Payment Registers (posted & un-posted)

  •  Numerous Sales Reporting with Date Range

  •  Report Printing to Screen

  •  Sales Tax Reporting by State/County/City

  •  Training PDF Manual (Menu Help feature)

Inventory Control

  •  Numerous Sales and Stock reports with serial #'s unsold/sold

  •  Any available OEM Price File and free conversion for unavailable Price Files

  •  Automatic OEM Price File Updates from Web

  •  Auto Calculate Selling price up from Cost

  •  List or Inquiry of all transactions by Date Range

  •  Auto Superseded by Number Processing

  •  Parts Cross Ref. (OEM to Aftermarket & Aftermarket to OEM)

  •  Receive inv. w/out a PO & update list, cost, min/max, whse loc, upc

Purchase Order

  •  Generate PO Based on Manual Orders or Reorder Point

  •  Automatic/Manual Receive PO

  •  Update Cost, List, min/max, whse loc, & Upc when Receiving a PO

  •  Transmit Orders via ProQuest E-Connect


  •  Statement Processing

  •  Set Customer Pricing by Product Line

  •  Payment Receipt Printing

  •  Customer Inquiry by name or phone # (Open & History Inv's)

  •  Receivables Aging Reports


  •  Part Smart

  •  ProQuest E-Connect

  •  Excel Hustler

  •  Yamaha YDS

  •  CODIS

  •  JD Point

  •  E-mail/Website



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Last modified: April 23, 2008